Offering a wide range of Special Purpose Mixer , Dipping Line, Mica Tape Laminating Machine, Winder Rewinder Machines, Special Purpose Machineries, Web Guiding System, etc.

Product Line

Our line of equipments ranges from economical, semi-automatic types to the latest generation of high speed, computer controlled, automated production equipments. With this range Like Hot Air Blowers, GM Tape Plant, SPMs, Mica Paper Laminating, Air Blowers, System Automations, Coaters & Coating Machines, we offer complete sales, marketing, engineering and technical services to assist our customers at all levels of product development, machinery selection, materials, sampling, etc., to help bring products and packaging from concept to reality. La Machinotech is engaged in the manufacture, export, supply and trade of the following:-

Machineries and Other Products

Resin Coating Plant

Web Guiding System

Coating Lamination Plant

Pneumatic Embossing Press

Gloves Half Dipping Line

Auto Tension Control System

Glass Cloth Impregnation Plant

Slitter Rewinder/Slitting Machine

Mica Paper Impregnation Plant

Glass Mica Laminating Machine

G-M Making/Resin Coating Plant

Roll to Roll Dry Lamination Plant

Light to Medium Duty Slitting Machine

Mica/Glass Cloth Tube Making Machine

Rewinder/Rewinding/Respooling Machine

Pneumatic Clutch and Impression Systems

Polyester Glass-Mica Laminating Machine

FRP Tank

FRP Collection Tray

Hot Air Blowers

Sheet Metal Fabricators

Hot Air Generating Systems

Multi Stage-Blade Agitator Mixer

Special Purpose Megacoat Machinery

Industrial Drying Ovens and Curing Oven

Control Panel

Research Facility

We have a research facility which provides our researchers a real-world type environment to ensure precision in the research activities. This also helps us to target our efforts on finding the new concepts of hot air blowers manufacturing, having great potential to enhance the product's quality and performance. owing to these research activities, we offer modern and technologically advanced air blowers in the capacity of 25,000 KCAL to 1,00,000 KCAL. These are highly efficient in delivering hot air from normal to high temperature. The research facility has helped us to generate breakthrough ideas that have enhanced the efficiency of our manufacturing activity, resulting in less production cost and hence the affordable prices of the end products.

Our Policy

We have drafted a quality assurance policy after carrying out policy dialogue among the top management and employees of the company. This provided the unique platform where various points affecting the products' quality were discussed and debated to finalize a set rules that are complied into a policy. Owing to this quality policy, we are offering quality assured hot air blowers and other products to customers. The products like air blowers are used in industries of printing, packaging, paint drying, bakery and others.

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